Conversionly Review Case Study: Wilco

How Wilco Increased His Booking Rates From 5% to 16%.


We were outsourcing a lot of our systems and there was a lot of confusion and failed connections between everything we were doing. We outsourced our appointment setting and had a ton of issues. We did not know if calls were being made, when they were following up, etc.

The Process

We recognized we needed to hire the right staff to take on specific roles within our business that needed attention. We knew we wanted to bring the appointment setting in-house so we could have more control.

Once we got our hands on the proven scripts and processes we immediately saw a difference from our old appointment-setting company. We were booking a lot more appointments.

We started gaining traction with our appointments being set and our clients started to become more satisfied with the results we were getting. The leads that we were sending them were of better quality which meant our client’s retention rate shot through the roof.

The Results

We felt more confident in delivering what we were selling. Our booking rates increased by 17%. We were able to implement everything in about a week which is amazing. If we tried to figure this out on our own it would have taken 6 months at least.

We are now bringing on 5-10 new clients per month!

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