Conversionly Review Tariq

Conversionly Review Case Study: Tariq

How Tariq Made $17.5k In The First 14 Days

Conversionly Review

Conversionly Review – Background

Before this Conversionly review, Tariq had a unique problem. He has one of the most popular YouTube channels in his niche and was getting a lot of organic traffic. Tariq could never really figure out how to convert the traffic into appointments. He found that he was leaving a lot of money on the table.

The Process

Tariq wasn’t in the market for Conversionly’s services, but after listening to a couple of videos, he decided to move forward. Immediately after signing up, he was so eager to get started that before his onboarding call, he made a couple of changes to his funnel and organic process (from one of the videos he watched in the public Facebook Group) and saw immediate results. 

The Results

Once Tariq implemented the changes, he doubled the number of appointments he saw previously. He booked 17 sales appointments within the first couple of days of making the changes. From those appointments, Tariq closed seven deals and collected $17,500, all without fully implementing the Lead To Close system from Conversionly.

I’m normally skeptical and don’t really click on ads. But there was something about their message that really resonated with me. They were using Numbers and I’m a data guy. And numbers don’t lie.

And the numbers that I just told you about, 17 appointments this week and seven sales, those are numbers that don’t lie.

Tariq – Conversionly Review

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