Conversionly Review Case Study: Donald

How Donald Went From 3 Million to 12 Million a Year in Annuity Sales


Donald works in the federal benefits and retirement industry. When Donald came to us, he was doing a ton of manual outreach on his own. He spent hours and hours cold-calling leads and sending out letters to prospects. Donald knew that if he kept doing hand-to-hand combat, he was not going to scale his business like he wanted to.

The Process

When Donald started, his main goal was to “duplicate himself” and send out more outbound messages and generate more leads. He knew to grow his business he needed to pump more people into his pipeline.

Donald was able to implement Conversionly’s proven system in his business to maximize his conversions at every step of the sales pipeline.

While working with Zach and Justin, Donald was able to increase his leads coming into the top of his funnel. Once his leads were connected to our proven system and with the help of his inside sales agent provided by Conversionly, Donald was able to convert on average 41% of his leads into appointments.

The Results

It took Donald just a couple of days to implement all of Conversionly’s proven systems. Donald saw the immediate effects of being able to scale his business and add more income to his bottom line. Donald went from doing 3 Million a year in annuity sales to 12 Million!

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