Conversionly Review Case Study: David

How David Brought On Over 450 New Clients In The Last 30 Days.


We had no one to help us generate and follow up with the leads, nor did we have marketing CRM experience (client CRMs yes… but nothing of Conversionly class)

The Process

We were pretty tentative about remote assistants initially, so we chose an appointment setter and began with baby steps, having him exclusively do outbound telemarketing calls… but as we got comfortable and realized his trustworthiness, he’s been integrated into a significant portion of our operations.  I can definitely see adding more ISAs/appointment setters.

Our primary appointment setter, Abe, has been a relentless machine in outbound calls, and as a mature assistant (in his 50s, like me,) he’s got the requisite skin of steel for never being offended or distracted by the lunatics you can find out in the wild on a phone campaign.  As new business pressures mounted, we discovered Abe was also an excellent backup for inbound client calls, calendar management, and new account processing backups.

The Results

Prior to Conversionly, our ISAs were operating at a pace of 120-150 new advisory clients a year.  After we got dialed in and got ourselves operating at a decent pace with the automation and our appointment setter, we have brought on over 450 new clients in just the last 30 days, and we are still just using a small fraction of the technology’s features.

That is a 375% increase in just 30 days! Highly encourage and strongly recommend Conversionly!

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