Conversionly Review Case Study: Richard

How Richard Was Able Convert 47.3% More Leads Into Appointments


Richard is the Founder of a UK-based beauty and salon marketing agency. Richard and his team specialize in providing their customers new client acquisition strategies via social media. Richard ran into a multi-faceted issue with not only recruiting talent to handle the lead nurturing for his clients but also his agency.

In addition to the recruitment, Richard was overwhelmed and burnt out with managing his internal lead nurturing processes which hindered his ability to close new deals and scale his agency.

The Process

Our biggest hurdle when starting with Richard was recruiting adequate candidates. Given that Richard was located in the UK and worked with clients in the UK, he needed an ISA who shared the same mannerisms and accent as himself and his customers. During the recruitment process, we sourced candidates who grew up in the UK but lived in Latin America and were comfortable with a lower wage than that expected in the UK.

Furthermore, we noticed numerous discrepancies in the lead nurturing processes deployed by Richard and his team for both internal and client purposes. We diagnosed several bottlenecks and implemented a system that did much of the heavy lifting for Richard and his team so they could focus on having more meaningful conversations with prospects and close more deals for their agency and their clients.

The Results

Richard’s new ISA and systems gave him back the time and confidence he lost by managing everything himself. Richard also saw a 16.8% increase in booking rates by utilizing a more efficient and effective system. This has given Richard more time to work ON the business, not IN the business which has translated into a 9% higher close rate and rapid growth of his agency. See what Richard has to say below!

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