Conversionly Review Case Study: The Ambition Academy - Fatima

Conversionly Review Case Study: Fatima

How Fatima Booked Out Her Calendar Out A Month Ahead With 30 Days Of Starting

Conversionly Review – Background

Fatima is a business coach for beauty brands. Before this Conversionly review, she went through the same struggles that most coaches and consultants go through. She knew that she had an awesome product but was struggling to get her voice heard by her ideal prospects. She invested in a handful of programs with little success. She was getting a couple of appointments on her calendar per week, but she knew she needed more.

The Process

Fatima struggled to figure out what would work for her to ensure her calendar was booked up with qualified leads. She knew she needed to focus on lead generation to consistently bring in clients and get off the revenue roller coaster.

Fatima said that she was nervous before joining them. She researched Conversionly and knew they had proven processes and systems but was nervous about switching and redoing all of the things that she had built and invested so much time into.

She says that she was so glad that she made the choice to switch and work with Conversionly on helping her customize her entire client acquisition system. Conversionly was able to help her migrate everything that she built and was able to streamline and systematize her entire process from lead to close.

Conversionly was able to place a fully trained appointment setter with Fatima and she says they have a great relationship! The appointment setter keeps her calendar full and she only meets with qualified leads.

The Results

I am so grateful because within 30 days my calendar was so full it was booked out a month ahead! Now I am in a situation where I have to hire sales reps to keep up with demand. It’s a great problem to have! I learned so many other things from Conversionly. I’m grateful for them and so glad I joined. If you’re on the fence and want a streamlined process to book your calendar with qualified leads so you can close more deals, don’t hesitate and book a call with them. You will not regret it!

Fatima – Conversionly Review

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