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Conversionly Review Case Study: Ed

Ed Increased His Monthly Revenue by 27% In The First Month

Conversionly Review


Before writing this Conversionly review, we had a real problem without lead follow-up.  Neither our office staff nor sales staff had enough time to keep following up on our lead input.  I knew this to be true because about once a month a homeowner would call the office saying, “You gave me an estimate 4 months ago and I am ready to move forward.”

Now for everyone that calls the office I know, there are 2 to 3 more that were making the same call BUT calling one of our competitors. Our conversions on both inspections AND recapturing lost business have been phenomenal.

The Process

The same problem that everyone has, we had NO system in place to constantly and precisely follow up with the leads that we could generate.  The fortune is in the follow up as they say, and it is true.  

I was getting ready to develop the systems to accomplish this problem when I came across Conversionly.  They had a plug-and-play program that even included the sourcing of my appointment setter.

The Results

This process allowed me to not rely on our office staff and sales staff to keep following up with the leads coming in.  Unless a lead calls into our office, we have our appointment setter take our inbound leads.

Our closing rate has improved by 20% – I believe this is because everyone is focused on real potential business and not wasting time trying to get a customer on the phone.  I am also now able to track our booking rate which was not a number I had the ability to see the way we were doing business before working with Conversionly. Our monthly deposits have also increased by 27%!

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