Conversionly Review Case Study: Dale

How Dale Was Able to Increase His Revenue by 30% Within 45 Days

Conversionly Review – Background

Before this Conversionly review, Dale came to Conversionly with the problem that most businesses that seek success eventually run into. He was generating leads with his marketing efforts but had difficulty turning those leads into closed deals.

The Process

Conversionly was able to dive in with Dale and customize his client acquisition system. He had a decent way of generating leads but no real follow-up processes. Conversionly built Dale a customized end-to-end marketing and sales process, so he had a consistent in-house client acquisition system.

The Results

After leveling up Dale’s lead generation process and putting a proven system in place to turn his leads into appointments, he has increased his revenue by 30% in the first 45 days.

These guys are always there for you no matter what you are facing. We were able to increase our sales by about 30% in the past 45 or 50 days.

Dale – Conversionly Review

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