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Conversionly Review Case Study: Brent

How Brent Is Adding $75k-$100k In Additional Sales Per Month

Conversionly Review

Conversionly Review – Background

Brent is the founder and CEO of a marketing agency specializing in helping HVAC companies expand their businesses. Although Brent had experience running ads, he struggled to scale his business due to the lack of a great offer, an effective sales system, and the right backend processes.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Conversionly, Brent encountered several roadblocks in his journey to grow his business. His existing email campaigns, consisting of 10-12 emails, were poorly thought out, and he had no text campaigns in place. Brent also tried hiring another marketing agency, but they failed to provide the necessary backend processes, and their cost per call was exorbitantly high.

The Transformation

Seeking to overcome these challenges, Brent turned to Conversionly for their expertise in scaling marketing agencies. Together, they developed a robust sales system, fine-tuned Brent’s offer, and implemented the best practices to grow the business. Conversionly also helped Brent create effective backend processes, optimizing his email and text campaigns for maximum impact.

The Results

Brent’s collaboration with Conversionly led to a significant improvement in his business’s performance. Their marketing agency started making an additional $75,000 to $100,000 in monthly sales and closing 2-3 deals daily. The transformation in his business results demonstrates the value of working with a skilled and experienced partner like Conversionly. Their guidance and support helped Brent optimize his business processes, leading to remarkable growth and success in the competitive HVAC marketing industry.

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