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Conversionly Review Case Study: Jordan

How Jordan Was Able To Scale $70k/Month in Under A Year

Conversionly Review

Conversionly Review – Background

Jordan is the founder and CEO of a marketing agency dedicated to helping med spas grow their businesses. Despite having a promising business model, Jordan faced challenges in scaling his agency due to the lack of a great offer, an effective sales system, and a backend system for following up with leads.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Conversionly, Jordan’s existing follow-up systems were not yielding the desired results. He recognized the need for a more effective backend system to capitalize on the leads his marketing agency was generating and improve the overall performance of his business.

The Transformation

To overcome these obstacles, Jordan turned to Conversionly for their expertise in scaling marketing agencies. Together, they worked on refining his agency’s offer and developing a powerful sales system. Conversionly also helped Jordan implement a robust backend system for following up with leads, ensuring no potential clients slipped through the cracks.

The Results

The collaboration between Jordan’s business and Conversionly led to a dramatic improvement in the agency’s performance. In less than a year, Jordan went from making $0 to an impressive $70,000 per month in revenue. This remarkable transformation highlights the impact of working with an experienced partner like Conversionly, whose guidance and support were instrumental in helping Jordan optimize his business processes and achieve rapid growth in the competitive med spa marketing industry.

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