Conversionly Review Case Study: Amit

How Amit Went From 2 Clients To 24 Clients In 6 Weeks!


We own chiropractic practice and help chiropractors with their lead generation and help them bring more patients in their doors. We were doing lead gen and leads were not as qualified.  Now we can provide more qualified leads to clients!

The Process

We needed an ISA to improve our service to our clients to provide a better product at the end of the day. I used this personally for my own office and it has made a world of difference.

The Results

We had more excited clients!  Lead follow-up was always a pet peeve for them!

We went from 0 clients to 2 dozen clients using our call center services! That is $0 to $24k per month in just 3 months. All by using Conversionly’s Lead To Close Framework: lead generation, appointment setting, and closing.

This is hands down one of the best things that we have done for our business.

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