Case Study: A1 Floors

How A1 Floors Closed Over $80k in New Revenue in 30 Days


Kevin Marks, Owner and Operator of A1 Floors LLC in Raleigh, NC was previously working with a large SEO agency. However, Kevin’s needs weren’t being met and he wasn’t getting the communication he needed to succeed with his marketing.

The Process

When getting started with Kevin, we began by identifying his goals and objectives that he wanted to achieve for his flooring marketing campaigns.

After identifying the objectives, we worked with Kevin hand-in-hand to refine his sales process. This allowed us to cut out redundant steps and implement our call center to immediately contact, qualify and schedule estimates for Kevin.

Lastly, we scale out Kevin’s original Local SEO campaign into a multi-channel marketing system including the following:

  • Lead Generation using Facebook, Instagram, Google, Local SEO, and Google Display Network and GeoFencing Advertising
  • Sales System Development utilizing our Conversion Funnel Strategy
  • ISA Call Center using our worldwide Call Center Service
  • Lead Nurturing and Appointment Setting System
  • Appointment Reminder System

The Results

Facebook Ads for Flooring Companies Results for A1 Floors
60 Leads at $10/Lead on Facebook
Local SEO for Flooring Contractor - A1 Floors Case Studies with Estimates on Demand from Conversionly
Local SEO Leads: 46 Phone Calls and 3 Messages

Inbound Leads
Facebook: 60
Google Ads: 23
Local SEO: 49

Booked Appointments
Total: 58

Total Deals Closed: 24
Revenue Earned: $84,161.57

“Our social media has increased and our sales have increased! It’s been a great experience. He’s always there on the other side of the phone. I feel like he’s a part of my business and he’s helping to grow just as much as I am.”

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