Conversionly Review Case Study: How Jose is Booking 42 Qualified Appointments Per Week & Made $444K

How Jose is Booking 42 Qualified Appointments Per Week

Conversionly Review

Background Jose leads an unparalleled free sports management and communication solution tailored for youth sports. As they sought to revolutionize the realm of youth sports management, there was a lingering need to capture and convert potential clients efficiently.

The Challenge

Jose, with its ambitious vision, needed an influx of qualified leads who understood the value they offered. While they were determined and had a unique solution on hand, they needed the right avenues to showcase their potential and secure meaningful conversations with potential clients.

The Transformation with Conversionly

With its bespoke strategies and nuanced understanding of client needs, Conversionly revamped Jose’s marketing. They employed a powerful blend of sales and marketing strategies, carefully tailored to resonate with Jose’s target audience.

The Results

The results spoke for themselves. Under Conversionly’s guidance, Jose started seeing an astounding average of 42 appointments booked every week, with a remarkable 66% of these closing in closed deals. The sheer number of 74 new clients they signed on in 60 days while working with Conversionly showcases the efficacy of the strategy implemented.

But beyond numbers, the accurate measure of success was the predicted annual revenue, clocking in at a staggering $444K. This wasn’t just a financial win but a validation of Jose’s vision and the robustness of the strategies implemented.

Jose fondly recollects the benefit of working with Conversionly – waking up each morning with the assurance of having new qualified leads awaiting a conversation. This predictability, coupled with enhanced conversion, is the dream for any business, and it turned into a reality with Conversionly.

In the ever-evolving realm of youth sports management, Jose stands tall, not just because of their unparalleled solution but also due to the transformative strategies and support provided by Conversionly. Their journey stands as a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets strategic expertise.

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