Case Study: WedGen Media – Ronan

How Ronan Went From $3-$4k/month To $10k/month In Around 6 Months


Before I joined Converisonly I was stuck at around $3/$4k MMR. I had invested heavily in another scaling program before joining Conversionly but it became obvious that I had issues with fulfillment and generating qualified leads for my clients.

I realized that before I could start scaling my agency, I had to fix our fulfillment issues by acquiring a mechanism that would give my clients qualified leads and appointments as opposed to just leads that have no actionable or real value.

The Process

I realized a number of things that needed to be addressed.
1. How do we do outreach correctly and acquire sales calls and new customers for my agency.
2. I found the calls very helpful and not overcrowded, there’s a lot of time for individual support and the level of expertise and insights you receive from Zach and Justin is pure gold, actionable and straightforward to implement!
3. I realized my fulfillment needed to improve if I wanted to scale and increase customer retention.
4. My offer was a week and needed to be overhauled.

The Results

From a fulfillment POV, I noticed a dramatic increase in the quality of appointments we were receiving for our clients and equally the show-up rates improved a lot with that too! Having a dedicated ISA to do prospecting was a massive benefit.

I had very little time to invest in outreach, having my appointment setter Laura cold call prospects 8 hours a day generated a stream of sales calls and landed me with a chain of stores within a few months. I wouldn’t have been able to do that on my own, I just wouldn’t have had the time to dedicate to it!

We went from $3/$4k per month to $10k per month in around 6 months of working with Conversionly. I have two ISAs and we have a 70% client retention rate so far!

In wrapping up, if you’re a digital agency or an agency owner, if you’re new or you’ve been for a while. I highly recommend doing this because you will get your money back on.

Ronan Corrigan

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