Case Study: Blu Marketing – Justin & Mikey

How Blu Marketing Scaled From $0 to $50k Per Month In 4 Months


Justin Sides and Michael Sheridan, a marketing agency and consulting service located in Arizona came to us during a time of desperation. They had been working with Real Estate Agents to scale their lead generation processes but were not able to sustainably retain their clients.

Furthermore, they struggled to get a system into place that provided adequate lead management and nurturing both internally and for their clients.

Michael felt like he was on the phone all day chasing leads while Justin was spending hours trying to find a solution for client retention issues they had faced.

The Process

The biggest hurdle we addressed with Justin and Michael first was their time. We needed to get Michael off the phone chasing leads and spending more time closing deals with warm, qualified prospects for their business.

We recruited 4 agents across Latin America that worked on nurturing the leads for their clients as well as their internal lead generation methods.

Next, we consulted with Justin to fix their lead generation issues they were facing with Facebook and Google Advertising. We helped them implement the conversion funnel system which allowed them to generate leads at a significantly lower cost for themselves and their clients.

The Results

Utilizing the ISA Academy lead management system and ISA placement service, Justin and Mikey got back more time to focus on closing deals with new prospects which allowed them the ability to at $50k in MRR in 4 months. Furthermore, They improved their offer and fulfillment significantly by providing their customers with guaranteed booked appointments by leveraging the ISA Academy system. Hear what they have to say below!

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