Case Study: New Age Media – Justin

How Justin Saunders Went From $25k to $70k MRR in 6 Months


Justin Saunders is the Co-Founder New Age Media had a stable digital marketing agency that provides lead generation and advertising services to chiropractors and other medical practices. Their agency is based in San Diego, CA and were able to reach $25k in Monthly Recurring Revenue just by himself.

However, he soon reached an issue with client retention rates due to his clients not actively following up with the prospect his company had generated for them.

The Process

When identified several discrepancies in the lead nurturing systems Justin and his clients had put into place. If we were able to implement a follow-up system with the appropriate messaging, right timing, and consistent nurturing, Justin’s clients would begin to see a significantly higher volume of patients coming into their practice.

We worked with Justin and his team to develop the best scripts possible for his clients, implemented an 8×14 follow-up approach and placed Appointment Setters with his team that were specialized in medical terminology.

The Results

Within the first 6 weeks, Justin’s clients saw a 63% increase in the volume of patient show-ups. Justin renewed 100% of his clients and was removed from the entire process.

Within 3 months, Justin began receiving referrals, partnership opportunities with large medical practice coaching programs, and added a $45k increase in monthly recurring revenue. Hear what Justin has to say below:

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