Case Study: Rocket Dyno – Jonathan

How Jonathan Went From $0/m To Over $30k/m In Just Three Months!


Jonathan ran a marketing agency and was having a hard time getting clients. He wasn’t sure how to stand out in the crowded marketing that is digital marketing. Jonathan did not know the best practices used to reach out to his target market and consistently get people to meet with him. He was frustrated but knew there was a process out there.

The Process

When Jonathan first heard of appointment setting, he wasn’t sure if it was for him. All he had been doing was trying to handle the leads himself and didn’t have a proven process. He was tired of wearing all the hats in his business knew he needed to hire someone dedicated to appointment setting. He first started by outsourcing his appointment setting but quickly realized he needed to bring it in-house.

After working with Conversionly, he was surprised by how simple and effective the systems were. Conversionly successfully customized the systems to his business and as he started to grow and scale, he was able to hire additional appointment setters to handle the additional lead flow and appointment requests his business was seeing.

The Results

After working with Conversionly, Jonathan was able to from $0/m (brand new business) to over $30k/m in just 3 months.

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