Neha Naik – RecruitGyan

Conversionly Case Study Neha

“The next day after ads went live I was bombarded with a bunch of messages from new leads, one after the other. I was like, ‘what is going on!?’. We were not prepared to receive that many people through our pipeline, which is a good problem to have. They set the expectations right and actually overdelivered. The coaching calls are super helpful and the support they offered was great. I wish I had invested in this before, so don’t be me! Working with Conversionly has been one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my business.”

Barry Kornfeld – Value Capital Funding

Conversionly Case Study Barry

“With Conversionly, unlike our experiences with other marketing agencies where we saw little to no ROI and sometimes even lost our investment, we achieved an immediate ROI. We made $17,000 on only $1,700 ad spend within just three weeks. That’s a 10 to 1 ROI.. We used to worry about finding leads, but that is no longer a challenge since we have so many people ringing our phones. It’s like upgrading from a Ford Pinto to Cadillac quality.”

Rick Pino – Get Wisdom Inc.

Conversionly Case Study Rick

“It wasn’t until they took a look into our system and really doctored it up, that we were able to go to the next level. We’ve had 45 bookings in a single day, and over 700 bookings in a single month. Our calendars are FULL. With this system, it’s all even out. We’ve been reaching consistently 20k even 30k days, once an amazing 57k day! And of course, we’re keeping our sales team happy. Conversionly has now allowed us to smooth out our process, fill up our calendars, and keep everybody busy.”